Do you screw usability if it pays to have a bad design?

Greed wins, even for Amazon. This issue has been discussed elsewhere, but adding it to the blog so the blog is alive. In grocery stores, milk is placed at the back. In big box warehouses like Costco, they keep on moving the merchandise locations. The underlying principle is, the more time you spend in store… Continue reading Do you screw usability if it pays to have a bad design?

Hand dryer design fail

Badly designed hand dryer

I found this in Bangkok airport rest room. Can you tell what is wrong in the first picture? It’s a hand dryer alright. But it certainly has problems. This hand dryer deviates from familiar design format that we all are accustomed with. This one looked like a trash can and placed like a trash can.… Continue reading Hand dryer design fail

Electric vehicle charging issues with nrg EVgo station

If you drive an electric car and charge at different stations then you may be familiar with this issue. nrgEVgo stations recently appeared in Walmart stores. Customers can charge for free while spending their money inside. Good for both parties. As usual there are usability problems here too. If you notice, the charging handles are… Continue reading Electric vehicle charging issues with nrg EVgo station

New credit cards: Swipe or Insert?

Many of you have the new type of credit cards that have a micro chip embedded in it. It’s a good way to secure your credit card from fraudulent users. Just another security layer to make your life easy. The problem here is the experience at the checkout counter. You are so used to “swipe” your… Continue reading New credit cards: Swipe or Insert?

Enter the dragon

Target store doors

I noticed this door at a local target store here in Austin, Tx. If you notice the signs says Enter Only and Do not  Enter at the same time.  Confused? Apparently no one complained and business goes as usual. That prompted me to go check on other stores around and they don’t look anything like… Continue reading Enter the dragon

Flexibility vs. Usability

This is not a photoshoped product. It’s real. I guess the vendor made it to show off their manufacturing capabilities. However it illustrates one point for usability pros. Flexibility vs. usability. The more flexible the app or product is, the less usable. Do users really use all those functions/tools? Is it necessary to overwhelm the… Continue reading Flexibility vs. Usability